Semalt Introduces Great Google Chrome Extensions To Download An Entire Website

As we browse the net in Google Chrome, we might come across a webpage we want to save for future reference. Sometimes we want to download a website because it is not possible to remain online for hours. Thankfully, Google Chrome allows us to save web pages in a few easy steps. There are a large number of extensions that make it easy for us to download the entire or partial site for offline reading. These Google Chrome extensions simplify our work and are easy-to-use:

  • PageArchiver

With PageArchiver, you can archive web pages for offline reading. It is one of the best and most famous Google Chrome extensions; PageArchiver has a user-friendly control panel, and lots of options and features to ease your work. With this extension, you can download images, text, and videos from any website and can target multiple web pages at a time. It is available in Chrome Web Store and can be downloaded with just a single click. Moreover, this extension exports or imports zip files that contain archives in the HTML form. You can edit or change the web content as per your requirements, but make sure it is fully downloaded to your hard drive. You can also insert some keywords, add descriptions, or improve the quality of a web page while offline.

  • Stylebot

If you want to download different web pages at a time, you can use this Chrome extension. Stylebot lets us manipulate the appearance of a site with custom CSS, and there is no need to connect to the internet to perform this task. You can also pick up an element and change its appearance, creating a more professional webpage to grow your business. You can comfortably change the fonts, colors, margins, and visibility of a webpage while offline. Plus, you can write CSS manually with Stylebot.

  • Video Downloader

Sometimes we want to download a video or image for offline uses, but an ordinary web application doesn't possess all necessary features and options. If you want to download the videos from a website for offline purposes, you should opt for the professional edition of Video Downloader. This Google Chrome extension makes it easy for you to download both images and videos to your hard disk. You just have to insert the URL of the video file and allow Video Downloader to perform its task. You can use this Chrome extension to target video and audio files of Vimeo, DailyMotion, and YouTube. This tool doesn't collect and send any personal data and ensures your complete protection on the internet.

All these Google Chrome extensions are available for free and can be downloaded from Chrome Web Store. You can download both dynamic and simple web pages with these marvelous extensions, as well as target images and videos.